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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

object photography & whimsical art
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For those days when you just feel like taking photos


Please put multiple images & high resolution photographs behind a cut.
Preferably resize high resolution images (the code for this is:
< img src = "http://imageurl.jpg/gif" width = "x" height = "x" >
The subject matter is endless, as long as its taken in a somewhat creative/artistic mind, please include a description in your post so we know what we are looking at, especially if its all behind a cut.
If you are showing off something new you have recently acquired (e.g. dvd, toy, camera, car etc) please put under the heading "show off" then descriptions.

no community promotions UNLESS it is both a) a related community and b) you have established yourself as a community member as either a contributor/poster OR commentor

Related links are allowed, e.g. your own website, sites of interest, related sites.

Constructive criticism is encouraged, flaming is not. Go get a life.

owner/moderator = zombiehellcat/wickedpink